Weekly Update

This week: Sabre night!

It is the 3rd Thursday of the month, so it must be Sabre night!

* Sabre coach available, in the form of Jon Daley, to give individual lessons.

* Beginners and Experienced sabruers welcome to join in, have lessons and compete.

* One piste dedicated to Sabre, so you’ll be guaranteed to get a good number of bouts. More pistes available as demand dictates!

Remember, if you are a member of a local fencing club and pay regularly there, you can fence with us for a £5 a night.


Christmas party

It is at Lussmans St Albans at 7.30pm on 14th December and places are limited to 20 people. Other halves are invited, dress code is black tie. The menu looks delicious: https://www.lussmanns.com/christmas/

Payment in advance £33(including tip) (there are a couple of supplementary items on the menu, if you are planning on having those, add the cost and 10% tippage to your payment). Please make payment by bank transfer to the club bank account, or bring a cheque/cash into the club. If making a transfer please reply to this email to confirm payment if we won’t see you before then.


Clubs details are:

Sort 30-97-25

A/c 0078 7388


Christmas gifts!

Time to order your T shirts ready for Christmas, one for you, one for the person you love, one for that person who thought they had everything. Take a look at the ordering page http://www.sa-fc.org.uk/revamp/t-shirt-order/ . The club would like to make a bulk order in 2 weeks’ time ready for delivery last week in Nov. Go on, you know you want to.


L2 coaching course

Are you interested in a L2 coaching course? The Eastern Region (ER) committee has agreed to help ER fencers financially to attend the course (see below for details) and pass L2 coaching.

They have allocated a sump of up to £600.00 to be divided by applicants up to a max of 50% of the course fee per person.

Full details of the course are on the BFA website http://www.britishfencing.com/courses/upcoming-courses/



14th December: Christmas party

21st December: Hitchin Three Counties last match of the Comp and year! Drinks after fencing at the club. Will the bake-off return?!

28th December: Club closed

4th January: Club closed

11th January: New Beginner course starts



Hoping you have a great week!