The 3 Counties Championship is an anual team competition between clubs from Bedford, Dacorum, Luton, Milton Keynes, St. Albans, Salle Hadalin and Watford.
Matches are held as part of clubs’ usual training evenings and consist of poules for both foil and epee, and each club fences every other club.

Teams consist of 3 fencers for each weapon: each foilist fences all of their oppoents’ foilist, and similarly for epee.
Fencers for host teams may only fence with one weapon, whilst visiting fencers may compete in both foil and eppe. ie Host must field 6 fencers; visitors may field only 3 if they choose.

Bouts are first to 5 (rather than a relay) with Foil and Epee matches being decided by the number of bouts won. (Indicators are not used.)
At the end of the match there will be 3 scores – Foil, Epee and Match
In the event of a missed match, the home team will record a 10-0 victory (5-0 in each weapon) – this will help to keep things competitive, but not over-reward for missed fixtures.

At the end of the season 3 trophies are awarded :
Foil Trophy – for the most number of victories in foil.
Epee Trophy – for the most number of victories in epee.
League Trophy – total greatest number of victories.

The schedule for this season’s matches are here.
Team captains – please use the form to submit your results.