The Club is based at Marlborough School in Watling St, St Albans and fences on Thursday nights between 8pm and 10pm. We start each session with a warm up, followed by a group session. The second hour is then taken up by a mixture of individual lessons from our coaches, and use of the electric scoring equipment for bouts in all three weapons.


The club is a friendly place to meet, with a wide range of fencing abilities, from beginners to members who fence regularly in competitions both locally and nationwide.

Members are keen enough that we fight on around 45 weeks during the year, but we do take time out for social events, the highlight of which is the annual open air competition where partners and other halves get to see what we do in our strange get up. The open air is always followed by a barbeque and a prize giving for the winners.

Learning to fence
We run 2 or 3 beginners’ courses during the year, we provide all the equipment you need to get started and we’ve enough kit for new fencers to borrow whilst they work out what they’ll need to buy for themselves.

The club provides a range of equipment, weapons, protective clothing to allow fencing all three weapons in both ‘steam’ and ‘electric’. We also have a small lending library of books and CDs on fencing available to members.

The cost per quarter for this year (2014) is £60 for adults and £52 for under 18s. Fees should be paid to the Treasurer and cheques made payable to the St Albans Fencing Club. If you wish to arrange to pay by standing order please contact us via our email form for more details. If your are interested in participating in a beginners course, please read the information in the beginners section of this site.
Fees for guests are £8 per night for adults or £6 per night for  under18s.

While fencing is not an inherently dangerous sport, it is not without risk. All fencers need to ensure that they are covered by insurance – both for personal and for 3rd party injury. British Fencing (BF) membership provides this – automatically – with different levels of cover for different membership categories. (e.g. for ‘social’ fencers, the annual premium is in the region of £10.00 pa.) If you have any questions, please ask a committee member. The main thing is to make sure you’re covered.