Our committee are here to help the club run smoothly and answer any questions you might have. Come and chat to us on a Thursday night, or email us.

James Bird

James Bird, chairman
If you can’t think of who to speak to, find James – he’ll know. James first started fencing on a St Albans beginner course in 2000. He’s been known to pick up an Epee, but usually divides his time between Sabre and Foil.

Philip Allen, club treasurer
Please see Philip about setting up a standing order to pay for your membership. Philip can usually be found fencing foil but has been known to fence all three weapons when the mood takes him and has been a club member for many years. When not after your wallet Philip also manages the Herts fencing accounts. He’s also known to enjoy bike rides and good beer.JD Evans

JD Evans, armourer
JD has been fencing on and off for around 25yrs and has been a club armourer for most of that time. He looks after the club equipment and weapons and can advise on buying and looking after your own kit. Don’t be shy, please let him know if something is not working – he can’t fix it if he doesn’t know it’s broken.

Giles Rhodes, club secretary
Giles is a returning fencer, after a sabbatical of over 20 years, making him about 15 in fencing years! He joined the club in 2015 and became Club Secretary / Marketing person in 2017. Speak to him if you want to join the club, have a referral for someone else who is interested in fencing, or anything else that the other Committee members aren’t responsible for.

Russ Mathews, social secretary
Harriet Nicholson, welfare officer
Matthew Rose, team captian