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Brighton Open 6th May 12
St Albans fencers Jon and Bev represented the club in the sabre competition. Jon finished a very respectable 7th in the men’s compertition, and Bev a spectacular 3rd in the women’s. Well done both of you!

Tue 2 April 2012
March was a great month for SAFC. We’ve had junior championships, 2 matches of the three counties league and the Eastern Region Junior Championship/BYC Qualifiers, and we’ve not done badly for it. We’re delighted to see so many fencing with us on a Thursday evening – both beginners and the more seasoned – and it’s making for some great fencing and a lively atmosphere. May the good vibe continue!Back in February we had our AGM, the committee is remaining much as it is at the moment although we are always on the look out for a webmaster. Helen and Bev have swapped roles so Bev is now our Social Secretary and Helen has bravely stepped into the shoes of Open Air Co-Ordinator (a role that is notoriously hard to escape from). Our fees have increased so please revise your standing orders where appropriate (the 18+ rate is now £60/quarter).In Three Counties we had back to back matches against Watford, a loss on the Wednesday and what Jo has referred to as a ‘sound thrashing’ was delivered in return on Thursday, so please keep it up – we know that getting to some of the venues after a long day in the mid-week isn’t neccessarily the most fun in the world but hopefully the fencing makes up for it! Jo is now our man with a hat so if you’re interested in Three Counties or the Herts Team Foil/Epee Championships in June he’s the man to go see.
In other news, the sabreurs had a tough training day with the legendary Peter Wright, and all managed to survive the experience and even learn some tips from the master. Great to see the sabre contingent continuing to grow at St Albans.
Next up is the Brighton Open on Sunday 6th May, with all 3 weapons on the same day. Bev and Jon will be going, and I’m sure will be able to help out with lifts etc to those who’d like to come along. We’re also thinking a quick paddle in the sea after a hard day’s fencing will be in order. If you’re interested in coming along give us a shout.
Finally, do come and find us on Facebook and like our page – you’ll be able to see what we’ve been up to, and what events and socials are on too.
See you all on Thursday. And remember: bad footwork makes coach Liam cry…
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16th February
Just remember, we aren’t fencing this week. We are however gathering for a meal at Zizzi in St Albans from 8 – those of a thirsty disposition gathering at the Boot just over the way at 7.AGM on the 21st at the Garibaldi – let the committee know your pressing business if you haven’t declared it already.See you tomorrow!
SAFC News Update – January 2012
Hope everyone has had a good weekend. It’s been busy down SAFC which is fantastic. We’ve never seen a year get off to such a well attended start, and we’re all very pleased about it.We had a small gang of us head to Cambridge on the 14/15th for Sabre – everyone came back in the top 20 (although some were more pleased than others about where in the 20). Other than that not a lot’s gone on – although there is plenty coming up:Our match against Bedford was postponed until this coming Thursday so if you’re interested in foil/epee then let Philip know.

If you’re under 20 there’s County Age Group Championships on the 11 February – entry form is availablehere, and also has the BYC Qualifier details on the same page. If you’d like more information about either speak to Jon.
For those that are interested there is also the Slough Open next weekend – they may be accepting late entries – from the looks of it there are plenty of slots left for Mens Foil if anyone is interested. If you’ve yet to do a competition this is probably a good one as there will be some familiar faces about on the day.

Senior County Championships are a way off yet but for a date for the diary 13th May should go in there – entry form also on the HFA website. If you can follow HFA on facebook we’d appreciate it, if you’ve any ideas then mail them to

Finally we have our AGM at the Garibaldi on the 21st February at 8pm, there’s food and a drink on offer. Agenda’s will be going out either Tuesday or Wednesday this week coming but we’ve already announced on Thursday that a fee increase is being proposed. If you can think of ways of trimming down the expenses or boosting the income then let us know – if you weren’t around on Thursday and want a copy of the proposals and the accounts for last year then let us know at the usual address.

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Happy New Year!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break and you’re ready to burn off the Turkey this Thursday until 10:30!Firstly a big thank you to Bev for sorting out this years Christmas meal – it was very well attended and there were certainly a few of us regrouping at The Boot afterwards…The day before our Christmas meal we completed the Sabre leg of our local derby against Watford, thus winnning the series and the Wooden Spoon. Well done to all who took part, and I’m sure we all look forward to it ruining trophy cabinets across the club in years to come.

In the world of the less interesting we have our AGM planned for this quarter so in order to vote we need this quarter paid up in advance (if you’re over 18 that is) – we’ll let you know venue and date when we’ve got them sorted. If you have anything you’d like to put as an agenda item please let Jon or Peter know. Alternatively if you’d like to get involved then come and harass any of the committee – we like it really.

In the world of competitions coming up:
Cambridge Winter Open – Jan 14/15 (but accepting late entries)
Slough Open – Feb 3/4 (closing date 27 Jan)
HFA Age Group Championships Feb 11 (closing date 4 Feb)
Keele University Fencing Open Feb 25/26 (Closing date 10 Feb- or see Jon)
Nottingham Open March 3/4 (closing date 25 Feb)

If you’re going to any of these then let us know. We’re hoping to get together a regular crowd who do opens for mutual support/heckling so make yourself known!

See you Thursday

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Christmas Balcony Get Together 22nd Dec.
After fencing this week, we’ll be having drinks and eats above the hall. All members and fencers welcome. Just for an hour till 11, but a great way to unwind at the end of the evening and get yourself in the Christmas mood.
We’re NOT fencing on the 29th
We ARE fencing again on the 5th Jan.
Happy Christmas everyone.
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No Fencing Thursday 8th Dec.
Remember not to come fencing this week, but to put your best bib and tucker on and come to the Christmas meal at Lusstmanns. Eating at 8.
A few of us will be in the Boot at 7 for a drink (or two).
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News Round-Up: November
It’s been a long while since we’ve pushed an email into your inboxes; we are still alive and we’ll try and be more communicative! We have still been throwing things into facebook, so if you’ve not found us on there yet then track us down.So what’s been going on:
There was a Junior Training Day on 30 October, which was also the day that our Wellesbourne team came third. I’ve heard positive things back from people who went to the training day and third place is the best result I’ve heard from Wellesbourne in a long time, so congratulations to Phillip, Matthew, Bev, Sarah, Zoe, Caitlin, James, Phil E, David and Terry.There was a U20’s foil event on 13th November where after a hard couple of fights we saw Ed and Sarah Rose come come with Bronze and Gold medals. Congratulations to both!

4th December saw the Hertfordshire December Tournament – firstly a big thank you to everyone for entering. Hopefully you had a good day out and congratulations to Paul, Zoe, Ben, Jon, Bev and David for walking away with a healthy haul of medals. It was also the HFA EGM which proved that Jon and Philip are eternal volunteers as they got elected HFA Chairman and Treasurer. More fool them. Detailed results for the day are here.

This week is our Christmas meal on Thursday, along with a Three Counties match against Luton on Tuesday and it is the sabre round of our local derby with Watford on Wednesday. So, a busy old week ahead.

In the world of competitions in the not so distant future we have the Cambridge Winter Tournament on 14/15 January.

Remember that due to the Christmas meal there is no fencing this week – we’ll be back on the 15th.

PS – Committee meeting on Tuesday 13th at The Goat, 8pm. Be there to discuss fencing and associated horrors.

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Ok, so the link that got sent round yesterday was so very wrong.It’s this one.PS – if you haven’t found us already we are using facebook a bit more until we can find a way or a volunteer to revamp the website.

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News Update – October
It’s been a busy old month – a new beginners course has been starting, Wellesbourne in a weeks time, the novice foil part of our series against Watford and a whole raft of County events either happened or due to happen in the next couple of weeks.Wellesbourne is on the 30th – thank you for volunteering (or ‘volunteering’ depending on how persausive Philip and Bev were). We look forward to hearing stories of success and that certain people didn’t have a heavy one down the pub the night before.Also on the 30th is a U20 training day organised by Herts Fencing Association. HFA is suffering from a bumper shot in the arm courtesy of Jon being motivated (always a dangerous thing) – entry forms for U20 and Senior events are all currently on the Watford web page. These are on the doorstep – if you like competing there’s no reason not to go. On the general competition theme Liam has prepared a short list of competitions that are either a) not too far to go or b) likely to be of interest to those of you chasing rankings points – it’s available here.

Speaking of Competitions, Coventry Open and Bedford Open Epee were last weekend – well done to Bev and Jo for both of those.

Looking forward, the competition at Watford on the 4th December is going to be preceded by a quick EGM to elect a new county committee. Paul Cramphorn, Liam and Helen all have other commitments elsewhere and find it difficult to dedicate the time needed to the HFA so are handing on the torch. Chairman Jon and James Dicker from Watford have volunteered to step in – if there’s anyone out there who is interested in developing county wide activities please make yourselves known – we have a schedule of things we would like to do (as well as what we need to do) so good chance to chip in and mooch the occasional pint off different people too.

And finally, as all good ideas start in the pub, there is an all weapons event up in Staffordshire in February (25/26th for those who are interested) – a valuable opportunity to combine road trips, fencing and a sensible night’s drinking (!) for those who find such things appeal.

Have a good week/end – see you Thursday.

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Greetings fencers. Just a reminder that tomorrow night there is no fencing (boo!) but there is a thai meal and associated drinks departing from the Boot at 7pm (yay!). If you fancy the meal then drop us an email at the usual so we can make sure there’s enough table space booked.The Open Air will be subject of a far longer post once we’ve bullied a member of the committee into writing it (and Jon into actually publishing a results list), but the weather held off for most of the day but our clean sheet for Open Air and summery days has finally ended. Volunteers to run it next year eagerly appreciated.For those of you who have a drinking bent next Wednesday (28th) Philip and several others will be making their way through the various offerings for this years Beer Festival at the civic centre- I dare say they’ll let you know where to find them tomorrow.On a fencing note – The Wellesbourne team trophy is soon to be upon us again. It’s 5 teams of 2 for men and womens foil and epee and mixed sabre and will be over in High Wycombe. We’ve entered in the past and it’s a good day out – harass Philip or Jon for details.See you on the 29th!

Are you a beginner? Start fencing with us on our next beginners course.