1. Jacket
2. Glove
3. Body wire
4. Épées
5. Breeches
6. Mask
7. Plastron

As of January 2006, if you are fencing with electric weapons, you will need to ensure that your clothing conforms to the following new safety standards:
1. Jacket – minimum CEN1/ 350 Newtons
5. Breeches – minimum CEN1/ 350 Newtons PLUS now compulsory for all electric fencing
6. Mask – minimum 350 Newton bib (PLUS must be fitted with safety back strap)
7. Plastron – minimum CEN2/ 800 Newtons

Please note that these rules apply to all electric fencing – even just practicing on club nights. (There are even more exacting rules covering FIE A-grade competitions – see the BFA web-site for further details.)

While the club has bought some 800 Newton plastrons (principally for beginners), all members should be aware that it is their individual responsibility to ensure that they have the correct equipment. Details of the FIE safety standards are posted on the BFA web-site and displayed on the club notice board, but if you are unclear about how the rules affect you, please ask a committee member.

An 800 Newton plastron will cost in the region of £30; breeches around £40.

Remember, these rules came into effect January 2006. You are responsible for your own compliance. Besides the obvious risk to your personal safety in the event of an accident, your BFA insurance is likely to be invalidated if you fail to comply with the new standards.