SAFC – Epee night / 3 Counties home match, plus news and up-coming events

This week: Week 4 of Beginners course: Basic Phrasing: 1st Counter Riposte

Things will get a bit more interesting as it becomes more of a conversation between you and your opponent! Enjoy!

This week: Epee night

This week will be an Epee night, so as well as the foil pistes, we will have at least one piste dedicated to Epee.

This week: Three Counties Competition: Salle Hadelin at home

If you would like to come along, please contact Matthew and he will take it from there.

Last week: 25th September: Three Counties Competition: Luton away

We lost the foil 7-2 and lost the Epee 6-3. Well done to Alex for trying out an away match!

Last week: 28th September: Three Counties Competition: Dacorum home

We won foil 7-2 and lost Epee 7-2, so honours even on the evening.



12th October: Three Counties Competition: Bedford home. Please contact Matthew

19th October: Last night of the Beginners course / Club Ladder trial / Going to the pub after fencing

26th October: Club social as the hall is closed: Venue to be announced shortly

14th December: Christmas party

21st December: Drinks after fencing at the club


Announcements: Marketing / Social media / Website design skills

If anyone has any of the above skills and would be willing to advise the club on a voluntary basis please contact Giles.


Hoping you have a great week!