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Photography Policy - By fencing at SAFC you agree that images taken at the club may be used for publicity. Our full policy is here. Under the age of 18? you need to inform your parent/guardian of this policy.

Current membership of British Fencing (BF) is a mandatory requirement to fence at SAFC. BF membership provides personal accident and civil liability insurance, this protects you and other fencers in case of accidents.

If you’re a regular at the club your name will be in the pull down top section. If you’re here at least once a month, look there 1st.
If you’re here less regularly or a visitor you’ll need to fill in your name in section 2. After you’ve done this a few times you’ll find yourself in the top list.
You’ll need to select a payment type – Be warned if you tick Quarterly or Monthly we will check up.
If you tick Weekly you need to put money in the tin OR you must put a reason in the note section.