The last 3 Counties home match in the series, plus news and up-coming events

This week: Week 5 of Beginners course: Revision and free fence (best of 3 hit)

Now is a chance to revise what you have learnt so far and put it into action!

This week: Three Counties Competition: Bedford at home

This is the last of the official matches, I think we only missed one against Hitchin. So, if you would like to come along and compete, please contact Matthew and he will take it from there!

Last week: 28th September: Three Counties Competition: Salle Hadelin home

Sorry, I don’t know the result…

Next week:  19th October: Last night of the Beginners course / Club Ladder trial / Going to the pub after fencing



26th October: Club social as the hall is closed: Venue to be announced shortly

14th December: Christmas party

21st December: Drinks after fencing at the club

Hoping you have a great week!