Tonight Matthew, I will be on piste A / B / C

A fantastic number of bookings for our first return to fencing session tonight!

A total of 15 places confirmed which shows just how keen we all are to get back to fencing again.

You should have all now recieved a confirmation email with your piste allocation for tonight. Please note your piste and on arrival go directly to that piste and store your kit bags where indicated, as shown:

(If you applied but have not received confirmation, please CONTACT US as a matter of urgency.)

If you have requested club kit it will be left for you beside your piste, with instructions about its care/return.

Tonight’s format will be a poule unique for each piste – 1st to 5 hits or 3 mins duration. So each fencer will fence every other in their piste, with additional bouts to follow if time permits.

Please remember some key points:

Fencers must remain at their allocated piste for the evening, please do not wander off around the hall or visit other pistes.

Each piste has been assigned a Piste Captain who is responsible for Covid matters and also is on the club’s Committee – please heed any guidance or instructions; their decision is final.

2m distancing to be maintained at all times, unless plugged in and fencing on the piste.

Face coverings to be worn at all times in the hall, including when fencing, unless a mask liner is in place. If using a mask liner, fencing masks must be down when doing weapon tests before a bout (eg point to guard test for epee and point to lamé in foil).

During a bout, no fleching or running attacks, no corps-a-corps or deliberate close quarter fighting.

At the end of a bout, no handshakes, fist bumps or high-fives – just return to the en garde line and salute your opponent.

There is no access to the usual changing rooms so come dressed to fence; there will be no group warm up so arrive ready to fence or do your own solo warm up (on the spot, you can’t go running off around the hall)

Fencing is to finish promptly at 21.45

But please make sure you have read and understood all the information on our >>>COVID PAGE<<<

We can’t wait to get back to fencing and look forward to seeing everyone later!!!!