29.07.21: Important News: Please Read


When:  Wed. 04 August, from 8pm.

Where: White Hart Tap PH, 4 Keyfield Terrace, St Albans AL1 1QJ

There is a car park opposite and on-street parking, both of which are free from 8pm.

The club is covering food will be provided @ 20.45 (chili for all, with veggie options available from the bar’s usual menu) and we’ll cover everyone’s first drink.

The AGM will cover the appointment of the Club’s three official elected positions (Chair, Treasurer & Secretary) and a review of club finances.

Now the important part – we need your input!!!  There are at least three positions we would like to fill:

Team Captain / 3 Counties Organiser:  After leading SAFC to glorious victory in the 3 Counties League in 2018, Bryant is standing down to focus on Club publicity*.    We need someone to take over as Team Captain and lead us to victory again in 2022…. and beyond!  Bird also needs to hand-over the running of the 3C League.

SAFC Open Air Comp:  We’d love to run this in September, if someone can take it on? (with help & support!)

Social Secretary:  We cannot fence on 23rd Sept and would love for someone to organise a social, and also organise the SAFC Christmas do, or any other off piste events throughout the year.

We also want to hear from you, our fencers.  What do you want out of the club?  Do you want us to do more or less of something we already do?  Or is there something we don’t do, that you want?  Come and tell us!  We’d love to hear your feedback, please.



SAFC Head Coach Tony also runs Hitchin FC and is offering a discounted rate to SAFC fencers.

For details please speak to Tony or use the contact form on the HFC website



Remote Control: We are still missing a remote control for one of the scoring boxes.  Last seen on one of the nights when we fenced outdoors and in the gym.  Please check your fencing bags in case you have inadvertently got it.  No punishments!

Pull your socks up!!  We’ve noticed a number of fencers wearing short socks, or ones which don’t stay pulled up.  Can we please remind all fencers (and parents of fencers) it is a BF requirement that socks fully cover the area below the knee at all times.

*You have no idea how much work goes into this, and we are incredibly grateful for Bryant’s invaluable contribution. [The Chairman]