13.01.2022: Reminder about booking & competition news


There have been a few occasions recently where fencers have forgotten to check in, or perhaps thought they had but the booking process had not been completed successfully.

Please note that it is a requirement that ALL attendees must book a place via the SAFC sign-in

That includes fencers, Beginners, non-fencing visitors (eg parents/carers) and Coaches alike.

It is for everyone’s safety that the club knows who is attending or has attended a particular session.

Sign-in is quick and easy and takes a matter of moments.

Please don’t forget, because it places an administrative burden on the club and we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone that hasn’t signed in.



A number of SAFC fencers have been competing at various events:


Richard B finished 11th in Cat.1 Epee at the BVF/EVF in Guildford on Sat. 8th Jan.   A very tough competition with European Vets fencing there as well.  Winning a poule match there is a great result, well done Sir.

Lindsay B is a newcomer to SAFC but certainly not to fencing, as she took 1st place in the Women’s Cat.1 Epee at the Guildford BVF/EVF.  A fantastic result, well done Lindsay!

Sir John of Brox and Adam Z-M both epee’d The Cambridge Open on Sun.9th Jan.  Sir John finished a creditable 43rd,  and Adam 62nd.  Well done both, and particularly to Adam who has only been fencing a couple of years and for taking the plunge in his first comp outside of the club or 3 Counties league.

Ben S finished in very respectable 17th in the Cambridge Open foil, after winning his first DE but unfortunately losing his 2nd DE by just 2 points, 13/15.  Tom H finished 55th in foil.



SAFC have a friendly at Hitchin on Tues next week (18th Jan).  With the two previous friendlies tied at 1-1, this is the decider!!!!  We may be short of a foilist or epeeist, so if you can help, please contact team captain Richard R

The 3 COUNTIES LEAGUE is back for 2022 – our first match is away at MK on 24th Feb – watch this space for further details, coming soon!   SAFC are current overall league winners (from 2019)

Watch this space for further news!



See you on piste….. en garde!!!!  SAFC