20.01.22: Loads going on, please read


A double?

Coach Lajos will be taking the group warm-up and be available for individual lessons.  There will be at least one dedicated piste for epee.  Foil & sabre can still be fenced as normal… with the normal arguments over right of way!

As our latest Beginners head towards the end of their course, Coach Tony will be introducing them to the delights of epee!



Next week (27.Jan) is our Beginner’s final week and we’ll celebrate welcoming them into the club proper with a club competition night!!  We haven’t done one of those in a while, so don’t miss it.

And the week after that (03.Feb) we have a new class of 20 (!!) beginners starting.  Wow!



Team SAFC travelled to Hitchin FC on Tuesday night for the deciding friendly match… it was all tied at 1-1 at the end of 2021

SAFC Team from L to R: Gemma, Daniel R, Lisa, Simon, Adam, Daniel N, Richard B, Richard R

There were some very close fought bouts, and close overall scores even: two matches decided right to the last bout! Here’s Team Captain Richard R’s match report:

SAFC foil ‘B’ team beat Hitchin 5-4, and SAFC Epee team beat Hitchin 5-4.  Unfortunately Hitchin’s Foil ‘A’ team were very strong and they took an impressive victory 9-0.

Credit to Hitchin for winning this friendly series 2-1 overall, and thanks for hosting us.

The most important thing is, everyone had fun.  And crucially, we had some new faces step forward to be in the team for this match, and hopefully it won’t be their last appearance.  Well done everyone!!  We look forward to the 3 Counties league starting in Feb.

There are some pics & vids of the evening available HERE, it is free to download & there is no need for an account or anything, but the link will expire on 26.Jan.  (Thanks Simon for the camera work)



We’ve been invited to Dacorum on Fri. 28.Jan for a sabre friendly match.  If you are available to fence, please get in touch with Richard B who is organising.  Thanks