12.05.22: Club Team Comp. Results, Monday Night Fencing & Important News


Last week’s club team comp was a huge success!!  With 2 Epee pistes doing Italian relay and 2 Foil pistes all running at the same time, the action was fast and furious all evening with some really good close matches:- check out these fantastic pictures*

*Full size pics are available on our Facebook pageFOIL  EPEE

Final results were:

Epee piste 1: John, Gemma, Adam 45 – 25 Matt R, Simon, Alex

Epee piste 2: Bryant, Kevanne, Matt N 45 – 38 Richard R, Angie, Richard B

Foil piste 3: Philip, Bita, Dan N 10 – 6 Ben C, Lisa, Bird, Robin

Foil piste 4: James B, Chris, Andy R 8 – 7 Kristian, Maria, Daniel R, JD

Best beginner: Kristian Boda with 1 victory and a total of 13 points.  Well done Kristian!!

Prizes will be awarded at this Thursday’s session (oooooooh!)

Thanks to: Simon for organising the comp, Peter for the photography & Bird for collating the scores.

The feedback on the comp has been great and it’s clear you want more of these, so watch this space…



11 fencers turned out for our first ever SAFC Monday night session, with some great foil & epee action across 3 pistes.

Monday night sessions run from 20.15 to 22.00 in the small gym (see below for membership options).

This is a trial period of 12 weeks initially to gauge interest; if there’s sufficient demand the club will look to continue it.



Unfortunately, the main hall is going to be closed to us for a period of 8 weeks.

  • From 19 May to 07 July inclusive, fencing will be in the small gym instead (see below).

So that means max. 18 fencers / 3 pistes, no group warm-up, coaching or lessons – just sparring.

  • On 02 June the school is completely closed (for the Queen’s Jubilee) so NO FENCING

As a result of the above, we are making the following changes:

Effectively immediately, up to and including 07 July: monthly/quarterly paying members can fence either Mon. or Thurs. or BOTH nights each week, at no extra cost.  Nightly paying members £12 per visit.

From 14 July onwards (when we have access to the main hall again): we will revert to monthly/quarterly fees covering just Thursdays, with Mondays being an additional £6.  Nightly paying members £12 per visit.


See you on the piste………….. en garde!  SAFC