3C Match report – away at MK 28.03.19

It’s a long way to go for a match, but worth it when you get a good result.

St Albans won the épée 7 – 2

David on the attack in Epee

See our Facebook page for a video of David in action – coming from 3 – 4 down to level the match…. but can he take the victory?

The Foil was much closer…. too close for comfort!!

The match score was tied heading into the final bout:- this was the decider!  Gemma had a lot of pressure on her shoulders.

Gemma in action in the Foil

It was really close fought and went to 4-4 in the bout, and then into a minute of extra time, but it was so evenly matched that neither fencer could score a hit.

So it went to a final minute of priority – Gemma’s opponent won the toss and so had priority, which meant Gemma had 60s to score a point or she would lose.

And she did it!!!!!!!!!!  She kept her cool and got the all-important final hit, winning the bout and giving St Albans the win in Foil 5 – 4.

Once we’d resuscitated Simon, we headed for home, carried aloft by the jubilant crowd.

So that’s our first 2-weapon win of the year, and our 2nd overall victory! A great result, well done team.

Thanks to all those that made the effort to travel and compete: Giles, Simon and Gemma (FOIL) and David, James (c) and Matthew (EPEE).

We’ve got a break now until our next matches – dates for your diary are:

Tues. 14.05 away at Luton and

Thurs. 23.05 home to Bedford