Away match & reminder on fees & insurance

Tonight some of our members are away for a 3 Counties match at Milton Keynes Fencing Club.

Good luck to the teams: Gemma, Simon and Giles (FOIL) and David, Matthew and James (EPEE).

In their absence, the club ladder league resumes for all three weapons.  Points make prizes!

A reminder that Fees go up on 1st April.

If you pay quarterly, please remember to amend your standing order to reflect the increase in fees to £75.  Alternatively, monthly fees have now been introduced at £25.

Quarterly payment should reach the club by 1st April (1st July, 1st Oct, 1st Jan) and monthly on the 1st of every month. Remember please the club is run by volunteers and paying promptly reduces the work load for our treasurer.

Please see fees for details or contact us if you have any queries or need the bank details.

Also a reminder that fencers MUST have current British Fencing membership in place to fence with us.  Without it, you are not insured and that means we cannot allow you to fence at the club.  Sorry, that’s the rules!

Membership is available through British Fencing – there are different levels of membership available; please speak to one of the committee members if you need any help or guidance.