Coronavirus & Competition News

Quite a lot to cover this week, starting with:

Coronavirus (of course!)

As of 5/3/20, British Fencing have temporarily suspended “the handshake rule” in the light of concerns about the spread of COVID-19, and “recommends that affiliated clubs consider adopting a similar approach …”
As we are a BF affiliated club, it is our duty to follow recommendations. So if you or your opponent don’t want to shake hands at the end of a bout, that’s fine – a simple salute will suffice. However, we will not be banning hand shaking, and emphasise that the responsibility for such decisions lies exclusively with the individuals involved.
If you test positive for COVID-19, it is imperative that you inform The Club as quickly as possible. This information will be treated as confidential and names will not be published, but it is important that we are aware of any risks and able to advise other members accordingly.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


Last Thursday our intrepid teams headed into the frozen wasteland of the North, aka Milton Keynes, for our first Three Counties League match of the year.
From L to R: Bird, Baker, Batchelor, Bimon, Bryant (c), Biles

The Epee team of Bryant (c), Batchelor & Baker had a slightly shaky start, going 3-1 down, but they rallied strongly & didn’t lose another bout, taking the epee 6-3.

It was a strong performance from the off in the Foil with Giles winning all 3 of his bouts and Simon and Bird taking a brace of wins apiece, giving us a win 7-2.

Overall a very good start to the campaign!

This Thursday we are away at Dacorum and we welcome two newcomers to the team.  Adam steps into the league doing epee and Justin joins us for foil.  Both have only recently finished Beginners Courses with us so it’s great to see them step up to competing for the club, it will be (a) great experience for them.

A number of our fencers entered the ER Senior Championship on Sunday.
In Epee, Bryant won 3 out of 5 bouts and ranked 11th after the Poule stage.  He won his first DE fight so went into the last 16 but then lost 15-9; final ranking 13/29.
Other SAFC regular epeeists Jeremy Baker finished 11th, Coach Lajos finished 9th and Sir John of Broxbourne went on to finish in 7th place.
In the foil, unfortunately Giles and Philip were drawn against each other in the first round of DE!  Giles was victorious but lost in the next round and eventually finished 15/28.
Special mention must go to Justin, in his first fencing comp having not long finished a Beginners course.  He won 2 out of 5 poule matches and scored 4 points in his DE against the fencer who finished 3rd.  Justin finished 20/28, not bad at all for a novice.
Great results guys, good efforts!

The club has a WhatsApp group, very handy for comms (eg lifts to competitions etc); if you’d like to join please contact Cap’n Bryant.
Social Secretary
We are in need of a new Social Sec. (thanks Justine for your work) so if you can help organise one or two social events a year please let us know…

And finally…
We’re not going to let a little thing like Coronavirus stop us from fencing, are we?!  Leon Paul and Allstar have us covered… literally
And if you really think it’s going to hit the fan, and you must hoard that toilet roll, here’s a handy tip: a full size epee will hold 9, yes 9 (count ’em) rolls.
See you at practice… hopefully!