(Updated : Sun 16 May, 4:00 pm)
Please check for further updates before booking or attending.

SAFC is open for training ... almost as usual ... in compliance with DCMS and British Fencing guidance.
The following rules apply.
If you want to train, YOU MUST READ THEM ALL, or we may be asked to leave the building:

While an individual is symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection, or has been asked to isolate by the NHS, they cannot attend any SAFC activities.
If you develop COVID symptoms within 14 days of attending SAFC, you must inform the club immediately. Those with whom you may have been in contact will then be informed, as will NHS Test and Trace.
There is an increase in transmission risk associated with participating in indoor group activity (even when social distancing is observed at all times). Anyone participating in SAFC activities should be clear that they are opting to participate in those activities at their own risk, and that they are physically and mentally able to do so.

  1. Every fencer must book in for each weekly session via our our website.
    This includes beginners and coaches.
    NB:If you have not booked a place for the evening, you will NOT be able to fence.
    Each week, the booking window opens on Monday at 09.00 and closes at 23.59 on the Wednesday.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before booking.
  2. Fees
    Quarterly payments for those in credit will be carried forward to cover May and June. Those who would prefer a refund should contact the club. The next quarterly payment will be due on 1st July.
    Monthly payments are not available for May and will resume on 1st June. Those who normally pay quarterly should make a single monthly payment for June and resume quarterly payment from July.
    Nightly payments will resume as usual from 20th May.
    Payments must be setup in advance, or at the latest when booking, and cannot be taken on the night.
    NB. Unfortunately paying monthly or quarterly does not guarantee a place on any given training night. However, it does represent a significant saving against the £10 per night visitor fee and we will remove limits on numbers as soon as possible.
  3. Current BF membership is mandatory, and Contact info held by the club must be up to date.
  4. ONLY FENCERS will be allowed to enter the sports hall. Parents and carers need to drop off at the external door to the gym building and are requested to remain within 20 minutes of Marlborough School. If this prove difficult for you, please contact us before booking.
  5. Sessions will start at 20.00 and fencing must finish strictly at 21.45 - this is to allow adequate time to deal with club equipment.
  6. There are only 20 places available (excluding those on a Beginners' Course and coaches) per week. These will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
    If the bookings are full and you wish to attend, contact the club and your name will be added to a waiting list.
    Please do not book a place unless you are confident you will be able to attend. If you have to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so we can re-allocate your place. Those cancelling on a regular basis may be prevented from booking further sessions.
  7. The evening will start with a group warm-up and footwork session.
    This will be followed by a group class, or fencers may spend the remainder of the evening sparring.
    1-2-1 lessons will be available from 9pm.
  8. Fencers are no longer required to stay in bubbles of 6, and may move freely between pistes, whilst maintaining 2m social distancing.
  9. Face coverings:
    These will not be required during warm-up sessions.
    Face coverings or mask liners must be worn whilst sparring. (We will review this rule as the weeks progress.)
    They must be worn at all other times, and social distancing of 2m must be observed when not fencing.
    You may be required to wear a mask during lessons or group classes at the discretion of the coaches.
  10. Fleching, running attacks and close-quarter fencing are permitted.
    Corps-a-corps is not permitted.
  11. If you need to borrow club equipment (eg beginners), you must contact us in advance and it will be provided on loan until further notice. Loan equipment must be laundered in accordance with BF guidelines.
    It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive with all the necessary equipment (eg plastrons, spare body wires) as you will not be able to borrow equipment on the night that is not pre-booked.
  12. Changing rooms will not be available, so you must arrive at the gym in sports kit and ready for the warm-up session.