(Grand)Baby Bird… Epee Night… Hydration!!

Congratulations to Armourer Bird on becoming Grandpa Bird. Obviously he’s put no effort at all into development of his new role so far, but it’s great to hear he has had a return on his long term parenting investment.

Please join us in welcoming Etta Leigh into the world…!!

This week 25th July sees the return of EPEE NIGHT with Coach Lajos – these have proved to be very popular so don’t be late for the warm-up

We also welcome back Laura Delany as our foil coach for the 2nd week of Andy Doherty’s holiday absence – he can’t possibly be anywhere hotter than St. Albans right now…!!

And on that subject, given the current very hot weather, it is very important to remember to stay hydrated, especially during exercise and fencing wearing all the kit is VERY HOT.  Bring plenty of water and drink it!

(There will likely be a post fencing rehydration session at the White Hart Tap, all welcome!)

Also worth remembering that unlike some other clubs, SAFC do not stop for the summer, so members of other participating clubs can benefit from the reciprocal ‘FENCE FOR A £IVER‘ arrangement.

Please also note that we now have a new e-sign-in process which requires all fencers – members and visitors alike – to enter their details using the iPad/tablet on arrival and confirm they have valid BF membership.  Please ask if you need any help.

SAFC regret that without current BF membership, you cannot fence with us, as you are not insured. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

See you at practice…!!!