Open Air 2019 needs you…!! And some important news


Please make sure you register for our Open Air event in time – there is a limit on numbers so don’t leave it to the last minute as you may be disappointed.

30th Aug is the current cut-off date for entries but individual categories are subject to a numbers cap so don’t miss out…!

Tickets & further info available at our e-shop

Please note that entry requires current BF membership. (beginner/social/recreational is fine for this event- ‘compete’ is not required)

And on the subject of BF membership please note the following important news:

We’ve recently trialled new e-sign-in  which has been a huge success.  Part of this was to request fencers to confirm they have current BF membership (which provides the fencer with the necessary insurance)

From 1st September 2019, all fencers will be required to confirm a BF membership no. as part of the e-sign-in.

This applies to SAFC members and visitors alike and includes those participating in Three Counties league matches.

So, please note that if you are unable to provide a BF membership number, we regret that you will be unable to fence at SAFC.

This is not meant to discourage anyone from fencing with us, but to ensure the welfare of all present.

If you are a non-UK resident who has membership of your home country’s fencing association, please speak to a member of the committee who will be able to advise further.

If you are a Herts Uni. fencer, we believe you will still need your own BF membership to fence with us – please contact us to discuss.