Open Air Event News and Epee Night 22.08


Update on entries: FOIL and EPEE are now almost full with just a couple of places in each weapon remaining. A limited number of places still available in SABRE. Closing date for entries is 31 Aug or once weapon cap is reached. Please contact us if you want to enter for a particular weapon but cannot – additional entries *may* be possible, at the club’s discretion.

Bring & Buy Sale:  Do you have any fencing kit you no longer need and would like to sell?

We’ll have a table at the open air where you can offer any items for sale, with a donation from any kit sold going to help the running of the event and club.

Pin an envelope on the kit with the price and your name.  At the end of the day, you put a minimum 20% in the SAFC tin – but if you’re feeling charitable you can donate more (or all) of it to us.  In return, you will gain fame and fortune and a nice warm feeling inside (though that may a result of the BBQ & drinks…)

Epee fans – don’t forget that this Thursday 22.08 is EPEE NIGHT!

Coach Lajos will be running the group warm up and then be available for individual lessons.

Foil and sabre can also be fenced as normal, but there will not be a foil coach present this week.

See you at practice!!