SAFC: Sabre night, Second week of Beginners course, plus new Committee members wanted…

This week: Sabre night and Second week of the Beginners course

It is the 3rd Thursday of the month, so it must be Sabre night!

* Sabre coach available, in the form of Jon Daley, to give individual lessons.

* Beginners and Experienced sabruers welcome to join in, have lessons and compete.

* One piste dedicated to Sabre, so you’ll be guaranteed to get a good number of bouts. More pistes available as demand dictates!

Remember, if you are a member of a local fencing club and pay regularly there, you can fence with us for a £5 a night.

Next week: Club ladder and Third week of the Beginners course


Other news:

27th January: Herts Novice Championship: Volunteers wanted

A great event for Novices to get some experience fencing other people in a competitive environment.

Also, please contact Matthew if you are able to help set-up / knock-down: laying out and taking up pistes, check-in etc.

Hertfordshire Sports Village: more details here:

Facebook page here:

And if you are feeling keen, then perhaps this on the following day: London Region Winter 2018 Novice and Intermediate Competition:


19th February: AGM: Additional Committee members wanted

Not only do you get a chance to have your say in the way the club is run, but you can also put your name forward to help run the club!

There are a couple of new co-opted Committee roles that we will be trialling this year:

Development officer: Responsible for fencing development of new and existing fencers. Activities include encouraging new starters on to courses, keeping them on the courses and transitioning them into the club.

Communications officer: Responsible for external and internal communications with prospective, new, current and alumni SAFC members. Activities include organising weekly newsletters, managing Facebook content, promoting events, liaising with press etc.

We will be holding the SAFC AGM at the Lower Red Lion, Fishpool Street on Monday 19th Feb.

Start time: 19.30 for 20.00 hrs

Food provided.

Please email Philip if you are attending and if a vegetarian option is required.

Epee road trips 2018:

If any Epeeist are interested in competing in event on the continent (I think we can start calling it that again), then Peter Eames and Simon Pink are motivated and interested in sharing travel costs. They mention that cost of entry is typically very low and that it is a great way to fence new people. Please contact Peter (an ex SAFC fencer) for more details.



25th January: Club Ladder night / Week 3 of Beginners course

1st February: Epee night/ Week 4 of Beginners course

8th February: Free fencing/ Week 5 of Beginners course

15th February: Sabre night/ Week 6 of Beginners course

19th February: AGM: Your chance to have your say in the way the club is run.

22nd February: Club comp night / Last week of the Beginners course / Pub after fencing


Hoping you have a lovely week!