Covid Sign In – Book a Session

For 28 October (Thursday)

To attend the club on Thursday you MUST book a place using the form below. DO NOT just turn up, we will turn you away.
Non Fencers please use the payment option ‘Not Fencing’ (there is no charge).
Visiting fencers and 3 Counties match fencers please use the option ‘Visiting Fencer/ 3 Counties’ (there is no charge).
You MUST complete this form each week you plan to attend.

PAYMENTS – If you pay weekly, please go here 1st and pay, then come back and fill in the form. If you pay monthly or quarterly please see this link.
If you’re checking in for a 3 Counties Match, you must sign in, please use the Payment Type – 3 Counties, there is no charge.

PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY – Photos will sometimes be taken by authorised members of the club. Our full photography policy can be found here. If you dont want to be the main subject of individual photos, please let a member of the committee know. If you’d like to take photos, you must ask a committee member before hand. If you are under 18 you must inform your parent or guardian of this policy.

If you've completed a members form, you'll not need to fill in the ICE no. or your BF no. each week.

I confirm that I have read the Fencers Briefing document. here.