A month ago we reported on the British Fencing requirement that an 800N / CEN2 level glove must be used for sabre fencing – this is not something new, it has in fact been mandatory for some time:


We’ve found a deal at Leon Paul for a compliant glove for just £30!!  That’s £15 cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else.

Armourer Bird is making a trip to LP this Wednesday (18th Dec) so if you’d like him to collect a glove for you (and therefore save £10 postage) please visit the LP size guide and make sure you choose the right size, then email stalbansfencingclub@googlemail.com with your name, glove size and specify RH or LH… and bring your £30 along on to practice on Thursday.

The glove is a club and national comp standard glove, it is not suitable for international comps because the lame material does not extend all the way back under the cuff.  The glove is full 800N standard and absolutely fine for club and national comps.

NB: This is a special price, we’re not sure how long it will be available for, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate.  The gloves are not being advertised on the LP site at this price.