Standing orders & home practice

Fencers, we are in uncertain times.


As you are aware, SAFC will not be running any sessions until further notice.

Because the future is uncertain, for now we suggest you cancel your standing orders from April, and when we return we will look at some sort of credit for the missed sessions in March, whilst we get ourselves up and running again.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

In the meantime, we’ll try to keep you informed of training ideas and possible online training sessions…


So being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t fence!  well, unless you live with another fencer, at least you can practice at home.  Here’s a few ideas (thanks Armourer Bird for these two)

[1] Hang up a garden fork and practice your disengages under the tines.  Start with a static fork, then try with it moving!  Then try with a step-in, and then a step-lunge.  Pirate noises optional, arrr me hearties.

[2] Tape or stick some coins to post and try hitting them.  From a standstill first, then with a step, and then with a step-lunge.

If you have any suggestions or find any good sources on line, please let us know!

Don’t forget there’s more on our FACEBOOK PAGE  and the club has a Whatsapp group for keeping in touch – most of our regulars are on there already and if you’re not, get in touch with Team Captain Bryant via the drop-down box on the home page.

Please heed the official guidance on staying safe, look after yourselves and each other!