This week; Open Air Comp. & anyone got a spare tablet?

Don’t forget to register for the OPEN AIR COMP and order your SAFC T-shirt through our e-shop!

Your Open Air Needs you!
It goes without saying that fencing events don’t run themselves, so if you can spare some time coming up to the Open Air, please let the committee know. There will be lots of small things that need doing (shopping for the food & drink / setting out pistes / getting the BBQ going / etc) and more hands will make lighter work

Anyone got an old (or new!) wifi enabled tablet they’d be willing to donate to the club for us to use as our sign-in device?

We’ve recently been trialling a new e-sign-in system and it’s working well. To move to the next stage we need a dedicated device we can leave in the cupboard for the 1st person there to get out and set up.

So please have a look and a think, any offers please speak to Armourer Bird.

You will be rewarded with the eternal graditute of the club and a warm glowing feeling inside (possibly caused by chocolate from Bird).

Coach Andy Doherty is back after a well deserved break. Many thanks to Laura Delaney for being our stand in coach for the last two weeks <applause>

The club league continues so don’t forget to check the poule sheet and grab someone you haven’t fought yet for a bout. Any weapon counts but you have to use the same as your opponent 🤣

We may also have another mini-comp in a new format this week, depending on numbers.

See you at practice..!