Competitive fencing

We aim to support all fencers, no matter their competitive interests.
As well as providing individual coaching for those with their sights on Opens and A-Grades, we run competitions throughout the year for those with more modest goals.
Being affiliated to the Hertfordshire Fencing Association, we encourage our members to take part in events run by HFA, be those novices' events, senior championships, or team competitions. (When possible, we cover entry fees for team events.)

In 2018, our fencers competed at:

  • Herts Novices' championship
  • British Veterans Fencing Championship
  • Malta Open
  • GB Cup

Our Competitions

Club Ladder is for any club member and runs every week. An informal, three weapon competition with quarterly prizes.
Three Counties Championship runs throughtout the year and features clubs from Herts, Beds and Bucks competing at foil and epee.
Annual Open Air Competition is a non-ranking event run every September, featuring fencers of all abilities and all three weapons ... and a BBQ.