Club fees

We offer flexible training fees to accomodate all fencers requirements. Reduced rates are available when paying quarterly, monthly or as part of our Fence For A £iver scheme (see below). Quarterly payments are due on 1 Jan, 1 April, 1 July, 1 Oct.
Concessions are also available for juniors (under 18) and full time students.
Please contact us if you need the bank account details.

Quarterly Monthly Nightly  Fence for a £iver
Seniors £75 £25 £10 £5 *
Juniors / students £65 £22 £7 n/a

(Juniors = 14 to 18 yrs old)
NB: Quarterly and monthly fees must be paid on the 1st of the calendar month, not the first training night of the month.

Any existing club member who introduces a friend or family member to the club for a beginner's course will recieve a £10 discount on their next quarterly fees. (Speak to the a committe member if you are able to do this.)

* Fence for a £iver

For full members of the clubs listed below, we offer reciprochal concession fees. This means if you can't fence at your usual club in any week, you can visit one of the other clubs and only have to pay the reduced fee of £5 as a guest.

St Albans - Watford - Luton - Hitchin - Bedford - Welwyn and Hatfield


Coaching Team

Regular training is the key to development and our highly experienced coaching tream focusses on core skills that benefit fencers in the salle, at competition and in day to day life.

  • Improving physical finess
  • Boosting stamina
  • Increasing co-ordination
  • Enhancing mental agility
  • Developing tactical awareness
Jon Daley
Level 4 Sabre coach • Fencing since 2001 • Former Club Chairman, former County Chairman, and former Country Secretary • Tough Mudder and Parkrun aficionado
Laura Delany
Foil & Epee
Level 4 foil coach • 19yrs fencing experience • 4 British Youth Championship titles • GB team member at Cadet World Championships
Andy Docherty
Level 1 foil coach • Started fencing over 30yrs ago at school • England Commonwealth Vets team • Appeared as fencer in Die Another Day (007)
Andy Wood
Over 15yrs fencing experience • Level 1 Foil coach • Professional musician

Training schedule

Our training schedule covers all aspects of our fencers' development.
Focussed training evenings feature dedicated pistes for the respective weapons, with competition nights every month.
For those with an interest in competative fencing SAFC is proud to run the 3 Counties League, and an informal ladder league runs on training nights throughout the year.
We also hold regular social events to welcome beginners and build long lasting friendships within the fencing community.

June 2019

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • 3 Counties match #15 : Dac (h) vs Lut (a)
  • Beginners Course Wk 6
  • Club open
  • Beginners Course Wk 7
  • Club open
  • Beginners Course Wk 8
  • Epee night
  • Club open


The club is staffed by a dedicated team of voluneers, and committee members are on hand at every training night to ensure the smooth running of the club.

The committee is made up of three elected officials Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, who are supported in co-opted positions by the Welfare officer, Social secretary, Team captain, Members liason officer, and Armourer.

Committee meetings are held monthly to discuss the running of the club and organise events. Regular club members are welcome to attend these meetings and are encouraged to attend the AGM, at which club officers stand for election and the more significant club decisions are voted on.

JD Evans
Chairman & Webmaster
Foilist • Over 25yrs fencing experience • Over 15yrs armouring experience
Philip Allen
Usually foil. Occasionally Epee or Sabre • Over 30yrs fencing experience • Treasurer for Herts Fencing Association • Keen cyclist and CAMRA member
Alex Gordon
Club Secretary
Foil, Epee & Sabre • Learned to fence at SAFC • 3yrs fencing experience
Mathew Rose
Welfare Officer
Simon Caruana
Membership Secretary & Sabre Captain
James Bryant
Communications & 3 Counties Captain
Epee and occasional foil • 3 Counties Champoinshp • Inter-club matches • Started fencing aged 10 • Avid motorcyclist
James Bird
Foil, Sabre & occasionally Epee • Over 18yrs fencing experience • Started fencing on a St Albans beginner course • Regular at St Albans Park Run
Justine Martin
Social Officer
Joined SAFC in 2019 as a beginner
Annie Chou
Marketing & Information Support Officer
Foilist & starting to pick up epee and sabre • Inspired by 2012 Olympics to learn to fence • Started fencing in 2013