Open Air

In September each year, we run our Annual Open Air event.

In 2023 the Open Air will be held on 10 Sept.
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Primarily a social occasion, the format varies slightly from year to year, and it is a great opportunity to meet other fencers from the local area. For those not used to competition fencing, it is an ideal opportunity to get a taste of the sport when the hits matter just a little more than on training nights. It is a three weapon, non gendered event, with a Master Of Arms trophy being awarded to the most successful fencer competing in all three weapons.

A buffet lunch and drinks (alcoholic and soft) are available alongside the fencing and the day is finished off with food and drinks .



2022 Results


Foil Epee Sabre
1st : 1st : 1st :
2nd : 2nd : 2nd :
3rd T: 3rd T: 3rd T:
3rd T: 3rd T: 3rd T:
Master at arms



2021 Results

Foil Epee Sabre
1st : Alex Clukin 1st : Timothy Devenport 1st : Decordoba Mitchell-Rowe
2nd : Ben Shepherd 2nd : Paul Willmott 2nd : Lee Robinson
3rd T: Muhill Mustapha 3rd T: David White 3rd T: Charlie Thorogood
3rd T: Ben Carr 3rd T: Max Titmuss 3rd T: Tony Baston-Hall
Master at arms Richard Batchelor

Full results here.

2019 Results

The 2019 SAFC Open Air competition was held on Sunday 15 September and took the form of poule unique, each for foil, epee and sabre. With the sun beating down, 2342 hits were sored across 642 bouts.

Foil Epee Sabre
1st : Austen Rose 1st : Sam Bojarski 1st : Deco Mitchell-Rowe
2nd : Giles Rhodes 2nd : Austen Rose 2nd : Richard Barnes-Webb
3rd : Richard Barnes-Webb 3rd : Deco Mitchell-Rowe 3rd : Richard Batchelor
Master at arms Austen Rose

Download the full results.

2018 Results

The 2018 Open Air competition was held on Sunday 9th September at our usual venue, Marlborough School, St. Albans. The competition was in the form of 3 Poule Uniques - one each for Sabre, Epee and Foil. The top 4 Sabreurs competed in a second round for medals, with Epee and Foil being decided by rankings from the respective Poules.

Foil Epee Sabre
1st : Austen Rose 1st : Peter Moore 1st : Tamas Vurju
2nd : Jake Kirkman 2nd : Austen Rose 2nd : Deco Mitchell-Row
3rd = : Philip Allen 3rd = : Sam Bojarski 3rd = : Joash Lewis
3rd = : Andy Docherty 3rd = : Matthew Rose 3rd = : Jake Kirkman
Best novice Alex Gordon
Women's foil Melanie Rabier
Master at arms Jake Van Kirkam

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2017 Results

Foil Epee Sabre
1st : Chris Lennon 1st : Peter Moore 1st : Lorenzo Buonfiglio
2nd : Pranav Thakkar 2nd : David White 2nd : Chris Lennon
3rd = : Michael Lown 3rd = : Julian Parker 3rd = : Philip Allen
3rd = : Jake Kirkham 3rd = : Chris Lennon 3rd = : Giles Rhodes

2016 Results

Foil Epee Sabre
1st : Laura Delany 1st : David White 1st : Chris Lennon
2nd : Peter Senior 2nd : Tony Middleton 2nd : Thamas Varju
3rd : Chris Lennon 3rd = : Philip Allen 3rd = : Peter Senior
3rd = : Chris Lennon 3rd = : Phil Elliott

2014 Results

Men's Foil Women's Foil Epee Sabre
1st : Ben Andrews  1st : Gerry Koeva  1st : Ben Andrews 1st : Chris Lennon
2nd : Chris Lennon  2nd : Harriett Nicholson  2nd : Ollie Smith 2nd : Tony Bardell
3rd : Tony Conyard and JD Evans  3rd : Jo Adam and David White 3rd : Philip Allen and Phil Elliott
Foil plate  Philip Allen
Novice Trophy Alexey Erekhinsky
The Great Chocolate Brownie Bake Off Challenge JD Evans

2013 winners

Men's Foil : Paul Davis Epee : Ollie Smith Sabre : Jon Daley
Women’s Foil : Harriet Nicholson Master at Arms : Terry Salinger Best Novice : Bev Sulivan

2012 winners

Men's Foil : Ben Vermeire Epee : Terry Salinger
Women's Foil : Sarah Eames Sabre : Jon Daley