09.04.21: Restarting Fencing on 20th May and Coaching News

We’re restarting fencing on 20th May!! Please see details below.
In the meantime, we’re very excited to share some great news about coaching at the Club when we resume shortly.

SAFC are delighted to announce the appointment of Tony Middleton as our Head Coach.

Tony brings a wealth of experience:
– Level 5 B.A.F Maître d’Escrime (Master of Fencing) in Foil & Epee.
– BF Registered Coach
– Current Chairman of the Hertfordshire Fencing Association
– Over 16 years experience fencing Foil and Epee
– 14 years experience coaching fencing

Tony said
‘I’m delighted to be joining SAFC as Head Coach for 2021 and developing it into a full 3 weapon club. I joined as a fencer when I moved to St Albans in 2009, and have always been part of it in some way. I’m currently Chairman of the Hertfordshire Fencing Association, and also Head Coach of Hitchin Fencing Club. As a senior coach and coach educator with the British Academy of Fencing, I look forward to helping members improve their skills and tactics on the piste.’

Tony shares our desire to make SAFC a full three weapon club and his appointment means the club can now provide sabre coaching and we plan to develop a ‘Sabre night’ once a month.

This will be in addition to our established very popular ‘Epee night’ which will continue once a month under the guidance of Coach Lajos Fazekas.

Both epee and sabre dedicated weapon evenings will begin once the current COVID restrictions are lifted and the club can return to fencing as normal – watch this space.

We will be resuming fencing on Thursday 20th May which is the first date possible under the current Government and British Fencing guidance.

In addition, over the preceding 4 weeks we’ll be running some outdoor ‘return to fencing’ fitness sessions, with the first session being planned for Thurs.22nd April.

As before, these fitness sessions will be free and have an emphasis of fencing. Further details to follow over the next few weeks.

We can’t wait to get back to fencing again and look forward to seeing you all very soon!