22/10: Piste Allocation & Hall Layout: Please Read

22/10 Piste allocation and revised hall layout as follows:

PISTE A (Mixed Weapon)
Terry S
Lisa D
Ben S
David C-H
Edward C

PISTE B (Beginners)
Andy Doherty (Coach)
Daniel N
Steven Z
Christopher K
Vasyl R

PISTE C (Mixed Weapon)
Simon C
Tom H
Kevanne S
Rachel R
Fred H
Christopher L

PISTE D (Épée)
Jeremy B
Matthew R
John M
Adam Z-M
David W

NB: We are over-subscribed (again) for this week, so if you cannot make it tonight for whatever reason, please CANCEL YOUR BOOKING ASAP so your place can be offered to someone on our waiting list.

Please also note the following important info:

On arrival please go directly to your allocated piste & store kit bags only where indicated.

You must remain on your allocated piste for the duration of the evening, wear a face covering at all times and respect 2m social distance.

Whilst on the piste, please respect the BF guidance: NO fleching / running attacks or corps-a-corps, and deliberate close quarter fighting should be avoided.

At the end of a bout, no hand shaking or fist/elbow bumping; fencers should return to the en garde line and salute their opponent.

There’s no access to changing rooms and no group warm-up, so please come ready to fence (or do your own solo warm up in the hall).

There will be a NHS COVID Track & Trace QR code on the door of the hall for you to scan on your way in.

Don’t forget our normal car park is out of bounds – please see HERE for details of alternative parking.

En Garde! Ready! FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!