21.07: Epee Night, Housekeeping & Club Clothing


Épée night gets the thumbs up!

This Thursday, Coach Lajos will take the warm up and lessons & there will be at least one dedicated épée piste, subject to numbers.  Foil & sabre can be fenced as normal (Coach Tony will be taking the Beginners).


CAR PARKING: The usual car park area is closed due to building works: this is ongoing until further notice.

Please find alternative parking in the areas shown in green:

WELFARE: Please remember the importance of hand sanitising; on entry, on exit and in between especially before and after handling kit which is commonly used, eg. body wire connectors & control box remote controls.

Hand sanitisers are provided by the club for each piste and on a table by the door.  We’ll make sure the doors are kept open to ensure as much fresh air as possible and we recommend that fencers still wear a face covering when not fencing or warming up.

The on-line check-in for each session has been a covid success story and will continue to run until further notice, as will the club’s ‘Track & Trace’ QR code on the door. We’ll continue to limit access to the club’s store room so please continue to request any kit you need with your booking.


Do you want to take your fencing to the next level?   Be the envy of all your fellow fencers, both on and off the piste?

Yes? Of course you do!

Then we have just the thing for you… SAFC branded clothing is available via the >>WEBSHOP<<

There’s a choice of technical fencing tops, long & short sleeved and hoodies, zipped or not.   In a range of sizes for men and women, at fantastic prices.  There’s a minimum order size, which we are fast approaching so don’t delay, order today!

See you on the piste!!  SAFC