05.08.21: Try a Different Weapon Night / Vets Results / AGM News

A lot to cover this week – so here goes….!


It should be Sabre night this week, but we know most of our regular sabreurs/sabreuses/sabre-istas are away this week.

So tonight is try a different weapon night!  Give something different a go…   go on, you might just like it!

The club will do its best to provide any kit needed for the night, just ask.


Some intrepid SAFC Fencers travelled to Guildford at the weekend to compete in the British Veterans Fencing Open – the first proper event in ages (no pun intended).  And they did very well.

Giles finished a respectable 9th in Cat.2 M/Foil

Sir John of Brox. just missed a medal with a superb 5th place in Cat.3 M/Epee

and the cream of the crop was Lisa taking a Bronze in Cat.2 W/Foil.  A superb result, well done Lisa!!


The AGM – you’re right – it’s not the most exciting thing to happen at a fencing club, but as far as AGMs go, it was very good.

A good turnout, including a good number of fencers new to the club, meant we needed an extra table.  JD nicely reviewed the year that stopped, started, stopped and started again. Through all this the club has thrived, acquired a new head coach in the shape of Tony, had growing attendance levels and the plaudits from members, new fencers and visitors alike.

The accounts (reviewed by Philip) reflected the work of the committee and the commitment of the members in bringing us in just about on budget – a remarkable result when you consider the year we’ve had.

JD, Philip and Alex offered to stand on the committee again this year, Simon continues as membership (and beginners coordinator) and a number of new fencers stepped up to roles – Ben offering to run the open air (watch this space for more info later), Richard R running the 3 counties teams, Adam working with Bryant on comms and Dan understudying as armourer. Richard B will be looking to pull together a Sabre contingent in the 3 counties and Pete S stepped up to the vacant roll of social sec.

The formal part of the AGM finished in an Olympic worthy 42mins; there that wasn’t so bad was it?  The most useful part of the evening – a general discussion – then took part over some drinks and a club sponsored bowl of chilli.

Thanks to everyone who came, and to those of you who wanted to be there but couldn’t make it. Great to be part of such an inclusive and vibrant club, do remember the committee are only club members, do help when you can and help us thrive as the best club in the 3 Counties.